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July 10, 2017

Our founder Jim Phillips was in heart crisis, short of breath, and scared. After confounding doctors with attacks and heart issues, Phillips’ close friend and doctor immediately recommended Omega 3s and Vitamin D supplements. “I don’t know what you’re fighting,” his friend said, “but what I do know, is better nutrition can make a vast difference to your body.” Also due to his condition, he became type 2 diabetic overnight and had to fight what millions face every day.

Phillips began taking supplements and reducing his sugar intake. Over time he felt a difference in stamina, strength, and even mental focus. But supplement pills are expensive, causing upset stomach and burping, and taking them daily was a hassle. He often found himself forgetting to take the large pills. He is forced to take thousands of pills each year due to his condition and it’s no secret that he does not like pills. Phillips knew there had to be a better way.

He wondered if there was a supplement that was easy to consume, fit in our daily lifestyles, and had a great flavor. When he couldn’t find anything, he created the brand and formulation that became Change.

With the help of doctors, scientists, and formulators, CHANGE-the supplement, was born in 2017. Change is a unique consumer-friendly nutritional supplement.